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Birthdays in our center

Let’s Play Perekeskus

Children’s Educational Activity Center in Tallinn

Let’s Play Perekeskus is suitable for childrens’ birthday parties and family gatherings, as well as for visits on a weekday. After all, it is always fun here!

Our center is spacious, bright and cheerful. The entire playground is safe and suitable for both young and older children.

We are located near the center of Tallinn on Vilmsi 47, 1st floor.

"Clean, comfortable and always fun."

A wonderful place for childrens’ parties, and for play time with your children. Clean, comfortable and always fun, we will be coming here more often.

Anita Ilina

"Kids can run while parents rest"

We visited the center the other weekend for our child’s birthday and enjoyed it a lot. The center is very big which is an advantage. Children ran a lot while the parents rested. The center has new toys and themed houses which the children didn’t want to leave. The older kids played on the Xbox. Be sure to come to play on weekdays!

Stella Petrova

"Under the supervision of professional educators"

A wonderful playroom where you can leave your child under the supervision of professional educators. My child enjoys spending time there. Thank you!

Oksana Leshkina

"Thank you for the evening!"

I went with my daughter yesterday and we liked it a lot! I advise parents to tie girls’ hair back in advance, because they will be too busy playing after they arrive! Georg, thanks for the evening!

Alexander Samsonov

  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours
  • 4 hours

Playroom visits

For children and parents

Dear parents, come to relax. While your children are playing, you can go about your business with a cup of coffee.

You will find a climbing complex, a trampoline, a slide leading to a ball pit, cars that can even hold adults, as well as board games, books and a puppet corner in our spacious playground area.


Working hours:

Monday — Thursday from 10:00 — 14:00 (Advance registration is not required)

P.S. On Mondays coffee, tea and fruit juice for parents are free

The discount is provided for the first visit

  • Per hour
    The price includes childcare, activities, materials for creativity.

Supervised playing

Supervised playing (from 4 to 11 years)

We offer your children a lot of fun while you are free.

In our center there are many different games and toys which children can play with. We also offer to develop their creative potential with the help of materials which we provide.

Our team does not prepare a certain approved program in advance — we will only support and guide the hobbies, impulses and desires of children. Each child will be given maximum attention, and the schedule is drawn up in accordance with the wishes, abilities and hobbies of all the participants.


Working hours:

Monday — Thursday from 10:00 — 14:00 (Advance registration is not required)

The discount is provided for the first visit

  • 3 hours
  • +1 hour

Child minding services

Booking required

Our experienced staff will mind your children if you want to have free time.

Supervision services are suitable for parents with children from 0 to 10 years.

The service must be ordered in advance.

We also offer private babysitting services that can provide you with skilled assistance at home.

Subsidies are available for childcare services. Information on reimbursement for childcare expenses can be obtained from your local government services, or by telephoning our consultant on +372 55640584.


Working hours:

Monday — Friday from 8:00 — 17:00 (Booking by phone +372 55640584)



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